Team Building on Wimbleball Reservoir

ESRT Team Building

This months full Sunday training was a little different, a day of water based activities at Wimbleball reservoir run by Channel Adventure to build the team's communication and team work skills.  These are vital elements of working in the Search and Rescue team and being able to practice these in a different medium to our norm meant we developed a great rapport with each other, increased everyone's confidence working around water and also had a great deal of fun.

The morning started with two teams carrying out a raft building challenge, and given our rope skills we were given no clues by Dan our instructor, just some resources and a time limit.  The aim was to then get the raft across the lake in a relay style.  Both rafts held up well, even when we tested one to the limit by getting all 18 team members on it at once - it only sank with the addition of the 18th person, so our set up and knots clearly held up well.

In the afternoon we enjoyed learning canoe and SUV skills, all new for some and definitely a test for our balance with the SUV's.  We were lucky it was such a lovely day so constantly falling in wasn't such a trial.  A great day all round and a massive thank you to Channel Adventure for looking after us, stretching us and developing our team dynamics for sure.

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