South Molton Scouts train with ESRT

South Molton Scouts


The Exmoor Search and Rescue Team were delighted to host the 1st South Molton Scout Group at our Rescue Centre in South Molton, this month.

We were joined on the evening by 15 enthusiastic scouts, and their leaders to learn more about the volunteer work that we do.  The evening started with a PowerPoint presentation about the work of the fifty plus Mountain rescue team in England and Wales, before moving onto the three practical workstations, which were placed around our Rescue Centre.

The Scouts were split into three groups so that they could rotate around the workstations.  The first group learnt more about casualty handling and first aid, the team’s medical officer was very impressed with the knowledge of many of the scouts, about how to treat fractures and hypothermia.  Some of the group had their first aid level 2 badges sewn onto their uniforms.  They also had a go at applying a vacuum splint onto a ‘fractured’ arm.

They then moved onto the serious subject of searching by water and learnt from one of our Water Technicians how to do this safely and identify the risks involved.  They proved that it wasn’t quite ‘one size fits’ all when it came to putting on the team’s dry suits, buoyancy jackets and protective helmets!  Their accurate aim with the throw lines saved at least two members from ‘being washed away’ that evening.

The final workstation saw the scouts work together to assemble the Ferno stretcher ready for a casualty evacuation and deployment of the Search party leader kit, including the frameless Survival shelter that all search teams carry to protect and insulate our casualties and team members.

We finished the evening with a quick ‘Questions and Answers’ session before they went home, tired but happy.

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