Wellington, Somerset

The team joined Police units in the search for 80 year old lady last seen in Wellington High Street on Friday morning. The search mainly centred on the urban area between the High Street and the lady’s daughter's house.

Sunday, 30 November 2014 09:00

In the continuation of yesterday's search teams searched further areas, along with the Devon and Somerset Fire Service Search Dog, spreading into the rural areas around the town. Nothing further was found during the physical or investigative searches. At dusk the ground search was suspended overnight.


Chulmleigh, Devon

Exmoor SRT joined with North Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team to help Police search for a 52 year old Lady who had last been seen the previous evening.  Search and Rescue Teams searched nearby countryside whilst Police teams searched the farm buildings.  The lady was found safe and well by Police at around 20.30hrs.

Braunton Burrows, Devon

A 77 year old male had last been seen when he went on a shopping expedition on Wednesday, and was reported missing at 21.00hrs.  There was reason to think he had wandered onto Braunton Burrows, however he was found before the search commenced on the A377 near Crediton.

Exford, Somerset

The Avon and Somerset Police alerted the Team to a report of a missing party of 5 walkers in the Exford area.  As the search commenced a local farmer located the group safe and well.

Barnstaple, Devon

The Team were called by the Devon and Cornwall Police to search for a 76 year old male.  The assistance of Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team (Okehampton) and Search and Rescue Dogs were also required, but the Gentleman was located by Police enquiries before a search commenced.

Staple Plain, Quantock Hills, Somerset

A couple had parked their car at lunchtime and walked to a local pub for lunch, however on their return journey darkness overtook them and they overshot the car park and became disoriented. As the team assembled the couple were located by the Police helicopter.

Dulverton, Somerset

The Police received reports from several witnesses of shouts and whistles emanating from Burridge Woods near Dulverton.  Searches of the area by the Exmoor Search and Rescue Team, Police, Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service, and the Police Helicopter failed to locate any persons and the Team stood down at 21.00hrs.

Heasley Mill, Devon

The abandoned car of a man missing from Taunton was found in a remote lane by a farmer near Heasley Mill in North Devon.  The man had been missing since the morning of 1st October.


The Team along with Police teams, the Police helicopter, a Police dog and the Devon and Somerset Fire Service search dog searched areas near his car.  Through the afternoon information was received that widened the possible search areas.  At 17.30 a gamekeeper sighted the missing man in woodland outside of the original search areas.  ESRT gave immediate care until the SWAS ambulance and the Police helicopter with paramedic arrived.  The man was evacuated firstly by stretcher and the ESRT Land Rover to the SWAS ambulance.

Wellington, Somerset

The Team were alerted by the Avon and Somerset Police who were concerned for the safety of a 37 year old man.  He had last been seen by work colleagues near Wellington at lunchtime.  The Team were joined by the Police helicopter and a Police Dog team.  A search was commenced in the area between Wellington and the missing man’s home in Milverton.  He was located safe and well in Milverton at around one thirty.

Wiveliscombe, Somerset

The family of a 77 year old male found that he was missing from his home in Wiveliscombe during the evening of Tuesday.  Exmoor Search and Rescue searched local tracks and byways, whilst the Police followed up other lines of enquiry.  The ESRT search was suspended at 2.45am.   The missing person returned to his home address the following morning.

Minehead, Somerset

Avon and Somerset Police asked the Team to assist with the search for a 62 year old gentleman missing from the Minehead area. Areas near and overlooking the town were searched until late afternoon when the Team stood down whilst Police continued their enquiries.

Blackdown Hills, Somerset

Avon and Somerset Police contacted Exmoor Search and Rescue Team and Avon and Somerset Search and Rescue Team to search for a missing 32 year old male. After a search involving the police, both search teams and police horses, the gentleman was located safe and well.

Rackenford, Devon

The team were called by Devon and Cornwall Police to search for a high risk missing 28 year old male. After a short search a police team located him. Our thoughts are with his friends and family.

Creech Heathfield, Taunton, Somerset

The Avon and Somerset Police asked the team to help in the search for a dementia sufferer who had not returned from his morning walk. A Police team found the gentleman and Exmoor team members applied immediate first aid and transported him to an ambulance.


Tiverton, Devon

A 72 year old man was reported missing at 17.15hrs, although he had last been seen in the morning there were concerns that no sightings had been made in the meantime. The Devon and Cornwall Police asked the team to search the area local to his house on the outskirts of Tiverton. Fortunately the Gentleman was located safe and well a few miles south of Tiverton.

Exeter, Devon (stand by)

The North Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team alerted the team to the possibility of a continuing search near Exeter on Monday morning and the need for mutual aid. The missing person was located on Sunday evening, so the Team were not required.

Dunkery Beacon, Somerset

South West Ambulance Service had received a call asking for an ambulance and mountain rescue at an exact location on Dunkery Beacon. On arrival at the scene Team members found an injured mountain biker being treated by a SWAS crew. The Team assisted with the stretcher off the hill back to the waiting ambulance.

A quick resolution to the incident was possible partly because a young member of the group was carrying a map and knew how to give a grid ref and had the presence of mind to tell the emergency services that the Team would be required to evacuate the casualty.

Brushford, Nr Dulverton, Somerset

A 56 year old lady suffering from dementia and staying in the area had not returned from a walk with her dogs. Last seen at 9.30am the lady was reported missing to Police late in the day. Exmoor Search and Rescue and a SARDA search dog were on route when the lady was located safe and well.

Torrington, Devon

Devon and Cornwall Police requested the Team’s help in the search for a 25 year old male on the Commons area of Torrington. On route to Torrington a Team Member in a Team vehicle spotted the missing person some 6km away in High Bullen. Due to the health issues involved Police assistance was requested and the man was taken to a place of safety. The team stood down at 00.50hrs.

Quantock Hills, Somerset

Avon and Somerset Police had been called at 23.00hrs by a seventeen year male and his sister. They has parked their car in a car park atop the Quantock Hills and gone for a walk but had become disoriented in the mist. The situation was soon resolved.

Minehead, Somerset

The Avon and Somerset Police contacted the Team when they received several reports of a flying object crashing into woodland near Minehead.

Exmoor Search and Rescue joined the search along with a large number of Police. Nothing was found during the search and the team stood down at 00.20hrs.

Prayway Head, Exmoor, Somerset

Team members who were supervising a group of Duke of Edinburgh participants were required to administer emergency medical assistance to a hypothermic 17 year old female at a remote location on Exmoor. These team members called for the assistance of their colleagues in the Team and a full call out was instigated. Care was administered until she was evacuated by RAF Search and Rescue Helicopter.

Bucks Cross, Bideford, Devon

The Devon and Cornwall Police called the team out to search for an 18 year old female. The lady had left written and electronic messages that gave concern for her safety, however several hours after last been seen she made herself known at a residential address and was attended by the South Western Ambulance service.

Feniton, Devon

The team searched areas and routes near Feniton and Awliscombe in East Devon, for a missing 38 year old male. Low cloud on the high ground made searching very difficult. The team stood down at 04.00hrs.

The search continued by Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team on Sunday morning. On the Monday morning the missing man was located in a building near Feniton. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.

Milverton, Somerset

The Avon and Somerset Police requested the team’s help in the search a 57 year old man, in a rural location between Milverton and Wellington. Exmoor Search and Rescue deployed teams near his home address, but the man was located by Police in Wellington after a sighting by a member of the public.

Ilfracombe, Devon

An 82 year old lady went missing wearing only a dressing gown in the Torrs Park area of Ilfracombe. The Exmoor Rearch and Rescue Team, H M Coastguard and the RAF Search and Rescue Helicopter were to join the search; however Police located the lady nearby before a full search commenced.

Swimbridge, Barnstaple, Devon

In a continuation of last night's search Exmoor Search and Rescue were joined by two SARDA Search and Rescue Dogs, North Dartmoor Search and Rescue team, and Devon Cave Rescue. Despite searching large areas until darkness fell the missing person was not located, and the teams were stood down at 17.45hrs.



Swimbridge, Barnstaple, Devon

The Devon and Cornwall Police asked the Team to search for a 54 year old gentleman missing from the village of Swimbridge near Barnstaple. Areas near and overlooking the village were searched until midnight when the Team stood down whilst Police continued their enquiries.

Saunton Sands, Devon

The team were alerted to join HM Coastguard and Police resources in a search for two missing youths in the Saunton Sands area in North Devon. The team were stood down soon after the being called out.

Ilfracombe, Devon

The Devon and Cornwall Constabulary had concerns for a High Risk missing person in Ilfracombe. The team were alerted soon after the Gentleman was reported missing on a night of high winds and sleet showers. The missing person was soon found.

North Devon, Severe Flood warnings - Alert

Team resources were put on stand by in a Regional response by Volunteer Search and Rescue Teams. These were controlled from a group of Leaders at Middlemoor Police Headquarters in Exeter who stayed on duty throughout the night until the team were stood down at 8.45hrs.

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