Woolacombe, Devon

Along with Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service, HM Coastguard and Police, ESRT joined a search for a 63 year Old female. Just before 3.00am the Search and Rescue Helicopter found a heat source in a field, which was indentified as the missing lady. DSFR and ESRT personnel helped the lady back to the Control Point where after being reunited with her family she was given a comprehensive medical check by Team cas-carers. Once reunited with their family, our Casualty Carers completed a comprehensive medical assessment to ensure no further medical assistance was required. Once reunited with their family, our Casualty Carers completed a comprehensive medical assessment to ensure no further medical assistance was required. Once reunited with their family, our Casualty Carers completed a comprehensive medical assessment to ensure no further medical assistance was required.

Kennford, Exeter

The Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team Ashburton had been involved for many hours in a search for a Dementia sufferer. Exmoor SRT and Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team Okehampton combined to provide more searchers as darkness fell. Teams searched until 2.30am when the search was suspended until the morning.

Valley of the Rocks, Lynton, Devon

Exmoor SRT and North Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team co-responded to a clal-out in the Valley of the Rocks. The high risk missing person's car was located in the car park and a full scale search was alunched. The search was suspended when coastguard located a body at the foot of the cliffs.

Fremington, Barnstaple, Devon

The wife of a Dementia sufferer awoke to find him missing from home. After discussion with the Police search manager, the team awaited results of initial checks. These were successful and ESRT were not required.

Brendon Common, Devon

A 63 year old walker had not returned and was reported overdue by his wife. the team were alerted but were not required as the gentleman was found by the Police helicopter.

Carhampton, Somerset

Avon and Somerset Police asked for assistance in the search of Woodland and Parkland near Dunster for a High risk missing person. The lady was located by initial checks on the edge of Carhampton.

Porlock Weir, Somerset

The search at Porlock was recommenced with help of Search Dogs from Dartmoor Search and Rescue Plymouth and Tavistock. The search was suspended at 21.30hrs with no further positive progress.

Porlock Weir, Somerset

The car of a missing Lady was located in a Car park at Porlock Weir, where it would seem to have been for a few days. ESRT joined HM Coastguard in a search of the coast and Woodland areas. The search continued until darkness fell. The team’s Search and Rescue Dog indicated an area that required further investigation and The Coastguard Cliff Team were tasked to search this area.

Bridgwater, Somerset

As the team were standing down from the Lynton search a call came in regarding a missing 84 year man in Bridgwater. The man was located by neighbours as the search was being planned.

Quantock Hills, Somerset

During the search at Lynton the Avon and Somerset Police had concern for a young lady near Great wood on the Quantock Hills. She was located by officers near by and ESRT continued wit the Lynton search.

Valley of Rocks, Lynton

The car and belongings of a person were found on cliff tops. Investigations located his car in a nearby car park. The team joined HM Coastguard in a search of coast and woodland areas. The search was suspended with nothing found and the team re-deployed to Bridgwater.

Enmore, Bridgwater

The Avon and Somerset Police put the Team on stand by as a child was missing in a rural location near Bridgwater.  No action was necessary from the Team

Molland, Devon

The Team were alerted to look for a farmer who had not returned after going out on his quad bike.  Whilst the Team were assembling at the farm, a member of the family found the gentleman who had suffered significant injuries.  The Team treated the man and called for Air Ambulance assistance and to evacuate him to hospital.

Woody Bay, Devon

The Devon and Cornwall Police requested renewed assistance in the search conducted in the area on the 6th and 7th May.  On this occasion a Police officer located the man near his car.

Lynton, Devon

The Team's MR Search Dog searched woods near to the cliff top location linked to the previous day's call out.  At the end of this deployment the missing person was located alive by Police elsewhere.

Lynmouth, Devon

Personal belongings were found by a member of the public which lead to a prolonged search by Coastguard, RNLI and Police resources.  Exmoor SRT joined the search on Sunday to check woodland near to the missing person’s car, nothing of interest was located and enquiries were continued.

Minehead, Somerset

Avon and Somerset Police had cause to be concerned about 33 year old lady.  She was located during the Team's deployment.

Bideford, Devon

Devon and Cornwall Police launched an immediate search for a 10 year old boy in an area to the west of Bideford.  The Team's assistance was requested but fortunately the boy was found some way from where he was last seen before the Team started searching.

Bicknoller Post, Quantock Hills, Somerset

The Team were called to assistance the Ambulance Service with a fallen horse rider. The Team's assistance was in the event not required.

Trout Hill, Exmoor, Somerset

The South West Ambulance Hazardous Area Response Team asked for ESRT assistance with the evacuation of a casualty who had fallen from his horse.  The Team rendezvoused with the Ambulance, however the casualty was able to make his own way to the roadside where he was treated by the ambulance service.

Taunton, Somerset

Avon and Somerset Police asked ESRT to search the Vivary park area of Taunton for a 91 year old male.  He had being reported missing from his home nearby earlier in the evening.  The gentleman was found on a nearby street, confused but otherwise safe.

Ilfracombe, Devon

Police had concerns for a missing male in the North Devon area.  Whilst the Police were assembling resources for a physical search he was located by enquiries some miles away.

Holford, Somerset

The Team were asked to assist the Avon and Somerset Police with the recovery of a deceased person from woodland on the Quantock Hills

North Devon

Heavy snow caused problems on the A39 and A361.  The Team carried out welfare checks but no assistance was required and the Highways agency kept the routes open as snow eased later in the evening.

West Down, Nr Ilfracombe North Devon

Police alerted the Team to a missing vulnerable adult in a rural area of North Devon, the missing person was wearing unsuitable clothing for the weather conditions.  The gentleman was located about 90 minutes after the team were called out.

Dunkery Beacon, Somerset

ESRT joined the South West Ambulance HART Team assisting a 56 year old lady who had fallen on the path at Dunkery Beacon.  The lady was evacuated to the roadside by stretcher and taken to hospital by ambulance.

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