Ilfracombe, Devon

A wet Boxing Day saw the Team called to Ilfracombe where a 60-year-old male had gone missing sometime in the previous 18 hours.  Police found the man some miles away in a bedraggled state.

Bideford, Devon - Standby

The Team were alerted to a missing 44 year old lady but were stood down after initial police searches and investigations.

Bridgwater, Somerset - Standby

A member of the public gave reason for the Police to search an area of open ground near Bridgwater.  Police and Fire service personnel completed the search and the Team were not required.

Torrington, Devon

The Police had concern for male who had walked off from his house in the early hours.  The stand down occurred at around 5am when the missing male was located.

Malmsmead, Somerset

The Team were asked to assist the Ambulance Service in the recovery of a 15 year old boy with head injuries.  The incident was concluded as the first team members arrived on scene.

Cullompton, Devon

The Devon and Cornwall Police asked the Team to search areas near the M5 for a male for whom they had concerns.  The Police found the missing person before the Team arrived. 

Bideford, Devon

As the previous search was drawing to a close it became known that a 75 year old lady was missing from her home in East of the Water, Bideford.  Search parties searched the Tarka Trail that adjoined her home until further information from a taxi company meant the search was moved to Westward Ho! where a major multi agency search involving ESRT, NDSRT, Police, HM Coastguards and the Coastguard Helicopter was undertaken which concluded at 16.30hrs.

Instow, Devon

The search for the male from the previous night was resumed.  Exmoor and North Dartmoor team members searched until lunchtime when the missing person was located by a Police unit near the A39 Bridge over the River Torridge He was taken for medical attention in Exeter.

Instow, Devon

A despondent male had last been seen in Yelland at 16.30hrs on his bicycle.  ESRT searched wide ranging areas, the search was suspended at 02.00 the next morning as neither the missing person nor his bicycle had been located.

Iddesleigh, Devon

The North Dartmoor SRT asked for assistance in the search for a 15 year male.  Fortunately he was found safe and well by a member of the public.

Croyde, Devon

Exmoor SRT and North Dartmoor SRT were asked to assist the Devon and Cornwall Police with locating a male missing from a camp site in Croyde, North Devon.  He returned to the campsite of his own accord later in the morning.

Lynton, Devon

The Team were alerted to a missing 50 year old female, but were stood down shortly afterwards when the lady was located.

Swimbridge, Devon

The Police were concerned for the welfare of a 64 year old male from Essex newly arrived in North Devon.  Initial searches near to his care home found nothing, but as the search progressed sightings from the public enabled the search to be concentrated on one area.


The gentleman was found soon after 5pm safe and well but hungry and dehydrated.  Exmoor SRT were joined by North Dartmoor SRT.

Tarr Steps, Withypool, Somerset

Exmoor Search and Rescue were just departing the Exmoor Explorer Mountain Bike Event near Exford, where we had been assisting the organisers, when we were called to assist the Ambulance service with recovery of an 88 year old Gentleman on the riverside side path a mile north of Tarr Steps.  On arrival the casualty was found not to be seriously ill and was taken by a local farmer on Quad Bike back to the Ambulance.

Rackenford, Devon

Devon and Cornwall Police called the Team to a farm near Rackenford to look for a 10 year old girl who had run away from her placement home.  She was found by a policeman close to the buildings.

Barnstaple, Devon

Devon and Cornwall Police called the Team along with a SARDA dog to search areas along the River Taw for a 51 year old male.  He was not found during these searches and the Team stood down at midnight.

Yelland, nr Barnstaple, Devon

The Team were stood down on route to a call out near Barnstaple when the missing person was deemed as at lower risk, Police enquiries continued.

Horner, Nr. Porlock, Somerset

Initially the Air Ambulance was unable to land in order to help an injured horse rider.  The Team were alerted to assist but were stood down en-route when the air ambulance found a suitable landing site.

The horse rider was air lifted to hospital in Taunton.

Barnstaple, Devon

The Team were put on standby after the foster parents of a 10 year old boy with developmental problems was found to missing from his home in the early hours.  He was wearing his pyjamas and bare feet.

He was found near his home sitting on a wall.

Quantock Hills, Somerset

Avon and Somerset Police put the team on stand by for a possible search for a vulnerable male who went missing overnight.  The Team were stood down an hour later.

Horner, Nr. Porlock Somerset

The Team were tasked to assist the Ambulance service recover an injured cyclist in Horner Woods.

The casualty was initially transported by ESRT stretcher to a SWAST HART off road vehicle and then taken to the ambulance and onward to hospital.

South Molton, Devon

The team were joined by North Dartmoor SRT and Devon and Somerset FRS in a search for a 44 year old lady from South Molton.

A wide area search was carried out following up on information received by the Police.  Nothing was found in the areas searched and the search was suspended at 13.20hrs.  

The lady was later located safe in North Molton.

Barnstaple, Devon - Standby

A vulnerable adult female went missing from North Devon District Hospital. The lady was located at her home address some time later.

Withypool, Somerset

The Avon and Somerset Police received reports of screams in fields near Withypool.  The Team searched the area but nothing was found, the Team stood down at 05.30hrs .

Yarcombe, Devon

On the Sunday the Team returned to Yarcombe to search further areas not covered earlier.  Again nothing was found in the area.

Yarcombe, Devon

The Avon and Somerset Police requested assistance in following up a possible sighting of missing man from Crewkerne. The team were deployed the following day, but nothing was found.

Brean, Somerset

Avon and Somerset Police contacted the Team at 3:00am regarding a missing 25 year old male in Brean, Somerset.  At this time our team members were still travelling home from the previous call-out in North Devon. ESRT advised police to request assistance from the Avon and Somerset Search and Rescue Team.

Barnstaple, Devon

Devon and Cornwall Police called out the team at 12:25 am to assist in search for a missing 49 year old high risk male in Barnstaple.  Team members from ESRT and NDSART made their way to the scene.  Search teams were deploying at around 2:45 am when police informed that the male had returned to his accommodation and the teams stood down.

Watchet, Somerset

Avon and Somerset Police alerted the Team at 18:17 about concerns for 63 year old female in Watchet area not seen since 8:30am that day.  As team were preparing to deploy the lady thankfully returned home.

Fremington, Devon

The Team were asked to help in the search for a 85 year old male missing since lunchtime.  Before the Team deployed the man was found walking along the nearby main road.

Quantock Hills, Somerset

The Avon and Somerset Police had received a call from a group of 4 teenagers who were disoriented on the Quantock Hills.  The Team were alerted at 18.44hrs and following a telephone conversation with the lost group pinpointed their position.  A Search party soon located them and escorted them back to their car.

Woolacombe, Devon

The car of a missing lady from Bristol was found on the esplanade at Woolacombe.  Dartmoor Search and Rescue Teams from Okehampton and Tavistock combined with Exmoor SRT to search inland areas whilst Coastguard teams concentrated on searching the coastline.

The search was suspended as darkness fell and enquiries continued.

Chulmleigh, Devon

Eleven members of Exmoor Search and Rescue Team were joined by scores of colleagues from North Dartmoor SRT, Dartmoor Rescue Team Ashburton, Dartmoor Rescue Team Tavistock and SARDA dog handlers from across Devon, in the Search for a high risk missing person who had abandoned his vehicle in a rural location.

At about 11pm information was received to the mans whereabouts, Search and Rescue and Police units attended to his welfare.

Ashreighney, Devon

The Team were asked to assist in the search for a 69 year-old lady missing from her rural home.  Joined by North Dartmoor SRT an extensive search was commenced around points when she had been seen earlier.

Following a further sighting the lady was found by a Police unit at a private dwelling at around 23.00hrs.


South Chard, Somerset

The Team joined Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue, and Police resources in the search for a missing man.  He had not arrived for work and his concerned colleagues had alerted the Police who found his car close to a swollen river.  Searches continued until dusk. 


Mullacott Cross, Ilfracombe, Devon

The occupant of a crashed car was reported as overdue.  As there was significant damage to the car and the weather conditions were very poor the Devon and Cornwall Police asked the Team to join a search in the vicinity of the crashed vehicle for the driver.

Exmoor Search and Rescue were joined by colleagues from North Dartmoor Search and Rescue, the Search and Rescue Dogs Association and the Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service. All were stood down at 14.00hrs when the driver was located by Police.

Chard, Somerset

A 38 year old Portuguese man with learning difficulties had been missing overnight in sub zero temperatures. Exmoor Search and Rescue joined substantial Polices resources in a wide ranging search. ESRT searched areas including the nature reserve at Chard Reservoir.

The team stood down at 21.00hrs, the missing man was found later near the towns Tesco supermarket.

Barnstaple, Devon

The Team were alerted to help in the search for a missing vulnerable female in the Barnstaple area.  The lady was located through Police enquires.

Bideford, Devon

The Devon and Cornwall Police asked the Team to search an area near to where the missing elderly gentleman from the previous call outs had been seen.  Exmoor and the North Dartmoor SRT searched through until the early evening.  The search continues.

Spaxton, Nr Bridgwater, Somerset

The Team were initially contacted by the Avon and Somerset Police in the early hours to assist with a search for a vulnerable man last seen at nine the previous morning.  A lengthy search followed later in the day involving many Police, and Fire and Rescue service resources.  At about 3.30pm the missing person was located in woodland some 5kms from his home, safe and well.

Bideford, Devon

In the continuation of the overnight search Exmoor SRT once again worked with North Dartmoor SRT.  Areas searched last night were researched in daylight and further areas were thoroughly searched following an analysis of information, however nothing was found.

Bideford, Devon

Exmoor SRT worked with North Dartmoor SRT in continuing a search that the HM Coastguard had been undertaking all day, for a 76 year old male.  The teams worked until 3am mainly south of Bideford but the search was suspended when nothing was found.

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