Winsford Hill, Exmoor National Park

The Team were contacted by Police late on Saturday evening to assist in the search for two missing women in the Winsford Hill area.  The women had earlier contacted the Police by mobile phone stating that they were lost.

As the Team were arriving and deploying search teams, one of the women returned to their vehicle of her own accord.  The second woman however remained missing.

As weather conditions deteriorated, a Police Search Dog located the scent of the missing woman and quickly found her in an area of exposed moorland.  Search Parties were deployed to the location to carry out evacuation of the casualty.  Two ESRT Emergency Medical Technicians treated the woman for symptoms of hypothermia and the woman was quickly evacuated by stretcher to a waiting Ambulance.

Arriving on sceneEmergency Services

West Down, Ilfracombe, Devon

The team spent the day performing an additional pre-arranged search of areas near West Down, searching for the lady who went missing from Hidden Valley Campsite on the 29th September.

Quantock Hills, Somerset

Two 13 year old boys with behavioural difficulties ran off from their school group whilst walking on the Quantocks Hills. Initial Police searches proved negative. The Boys were dressed for the conditions, but concern increased as the weather started drawing in and daylight faded.

The boys were located as the team was being deployed.

Swimbridge, Barnstaple, Devon

The team were alerted at an early stage to a missing 90 year old lady in the village of Swimbridge, near Barnstaple.

The lady was found and taken to hospital by Ambulance before the team re-deployed from the previous search.

West Down, Ilfracombe, Devon

A 79 year old lady with Dementia had gone missing from a Caravan Park whilst on holiday with her husband.  The team searched the heavily vegetated area until the early hours of the morning, before arranging to pass the search on to North Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team (Okehampton) at first light.

Friday 30th September

Exmoor Search and Rescue Team members joined colleagues from three Dartmoor Rescue Group sections; Okehampton, Tavistock and Ashburton, as well as SARDA Search and Rescue Dogs in this continued search.  The volunteer teams were joined in the search by the Police Helicopter, Police Search Dogs and the Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service Special Operations Department.  The search lasted until dusk.

Saturday 1st October

Exmoor Search and Rescue Team returned in the morning to continue the search from the last two days.  The search was made all the more demanding by the unseasonably hot temperatures and the necessity to search very thoroughly in dense vegetation.  The Team stood down in the evening to await further leads as to the whereabouts of the missing lady.

Sunday 2nd October

The Police requested further assistance from the Team in the continued search, as a new sighting dating from Thursday evening was reported.  This sighting lead to extensive new areas being searched, however by late afternoon the Team stood down.

Police continue their enquiries.  For further information:

Hemyock, Devon

The Devon and Cornwall Constabulary called the team following a report of a missing 49 year old lady from a farm on the Blackdown Hills.  She had last been seen at 3.30am.

The Team were joined by a large number of Police officers, a Police Dog and the Police Helicopter.  The lady was located safe and well outside of the search area by Police.


Hemyock CalloutHemyock Callout

Martinhoe, Parracombe, Devon

The team were asked to join HM Coastguard, who had already been searching for several hours for a missing 51 year old lady from Lynton.

Further information was received and both the Coastguard and Exmoor Search and Rescue Team were stood down, as Police investigated possible sightings of the lady.

Lynton, Devon

Devon and Cornwall Police contacted the team to assist with the search of a missing 56 year old woman from Lynton in North Devon.  The team worked closely with HM Coastguard and Police Search teams to cover areas in the vicinity, including the coast path, tracks, beaches and coastal moorland.

After several hours of searching, the missing person was spotted within the search area by a member of the public and was subsequently escorted to safety.

Cothelstone Hill, Quantock Hills, Somerset

Avon and Somerset Police were advised of two missing seven year-old boys in woodland near a popular beauty spot.

A local person found the boys, who were lost, some distance away whilst the team were en route.

Combe Martin, Devon

The team joined Devon and Cornwall Police, HM Coastguard and RNLI in the search for a missing 51 year old local lady.  Despite exhaustive searches of the local area, the search was suspended late in the afternoon, with the lady still uncounted for.

UPDATE 29/7/11:  The body of a woman has been found in woodland by Police.  No formal identification has taken place but the body is thought to be that of the missing person.


Berrynarbor, Ilfracombe, Devon

The team were alerted by Devon and Cornwall Police to a missing, highly vulnerable 71 year old gentleman.  He was last seen at his nursing home in the village of Berrynarbor, near Ilfracombe earlier in the morning.

The gentleman was soon located after the team were called.

Nynehead, Wellington

An 89 year old gentlemen was reported missing from his care home near Wellington at 18:55 hrs.  Avon and Somerset Police contacted the team to assist with the search.

The gentleman was found in nearby farmland by the Police whilst the team were on route.

Fitzhead, Taunton

Avon and Somerset Constabulary asked the team for assistance in the search for a 40 year old man.

Telephone conversations between him and his ex-partner enabled the search area to be narrowed down and the missing person was soon found.

Chelfham, Barnstaple

A 16 year-old youth had been reported missing from Chelfham near Barnstaple.  He had last been seen at 22:27 hrs the previous evening.  
Concern for his welfare led Devon and Cornwall Police to ask the team for assistance with the search on Friday morning.

Thirty two members of Exmoor Search and Rescue Team and North Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team along with three search dogs from SARDA England & Wales were involved in the operation.  Searches were conducted throughout the day, covering nearby tracks, paths, out-buildings, fields, woodland and rivers.  By the late evening, no sightings had been reported and the search stood down pending further information.

UPDATE (19/6/2011): The young man returned the following day of his own volition and is now safe and well.

Cothelstone Hill, Quantock Hills, Somerset

A young couple called the Police to ask for assistance when they became confused in the darkness and could not locate their car.  An initial Police search found the couple safe and well.

Hambridge, nr Ilminster, Somerset

The team were alerted to a missing lady who was suffering from Dementia.  A full call out of the team was not necessary as the lady was soon located.

Blagdon Hill, Near Taunton, Somerset

Following concerns for the safety of a lady who had left her house in a distressed state at 22.30hrs the previous evening, the team were tasked to search a rural area around her home.

The lady returned to her home during the early part of the search.

Bishops Nympton, South Molton, Devon

Devon and Cornwall Police asked for the team’s assistance in the search for a missing man on farmland near the village of Bishops Nympton.

Team members were stood down whilst on route, as the Police had found the missing person.  Our condolences are sent to the man’s family and friends.

Bridgwater, Somerset

The team were asked by Avon and Somerset Police to search for a 24 year-old man missing in the Bridgwater area since 17th April.  The Police had become increasingly concerned for his welfare following recent enquiries.

Four ESRT Search Parties were deployed to search the vicinity around his current residence and place of work.  Within a few hours, the body of a man was located in a small area of nearby woodland. 

Team members remained on scene for several hours and were tasked by the Police to recover the man's body.

The team wish to express their deepest sympathy to the man's family and friends at this difficult time.

Hele, Cullompton, Devon

The team were asked to assist North Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team in the search for a missing 75 year old male.  After five hours, further Police enquires found that the missing person would not be in our search area and the searchers were stood down.

Brompton Regis, Somerset

The search for a missing 43 year old gentleman commenced when the Team were notified by Avon and Somerset Police at 2.30am.

The information given by the man's wife of the last place he was seen was of great help.  The search involving two Police Search Dogs and four ESRT search parties was successful as the gentleman was quickly found by team members close to where he was last seen.

Washford, Tiverton, Devon

Following information received regarding the owner of a motorcycle that had been left in a lay-by, Devon and Cornwall Police instigated a search.  The Police found the owner before the team’s deployment.

Our thoughts are with his family and friends.

Otterford, Taunton, Somerset

The Police had located the car of a 27 year-old female high risk missing person in the car park of the local beauty spot of Otterford Lakes.

In failing light, search teams were quickly deployed. The lady was found by a Police Dog in a densely wooded area.  A South Western Ambulance Service paramedic and ESRT team members were required to treat her, and the team stretchered her through the woods to a waiting Ambulance which transported her to hospital.

Minehead, Somerset

The team were asked to help in the search for a vulnerable man in an area of woodland south of Minehead. The missing person was found by Police and treated by the South Western Ambulance Service before the teams arrival.

South Molton, Devon (continued)

In a continuation of last night's search, the Exmoor Search and Rescue Team were joined by members of North Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team from Okehampton.
Further searches for the missing lady lasted until dusk.

UPDATE: Police Search Teams have since found the body of a woman in a river in the South Molton area.
Police say the body has not yet been formally identified, but it is thought to be that of the missing person.

Searchers preparing to searchSearching the river banks 

South Molton, Devon

Devon and Cornwall Police requested assistance with the search for an 82 year-old lady from South Molton. The Team's SARDA search dog joined team members in a search covering woodland near the lady’s home.

The search was suspended at 03.30hrs.

Selworthy, Somerset

The Team were contacted by Avon & Somerset Police in Minehead and asked to search for a missing walker believed to be in the area around Selworthy Beacon.  He was located by Helicopter soon after the team were called.

Lynmouth, North Devon

The Team were alerted to a missing brother and sister aged 15 and 10, who had got separated from their parents during a family walk and had been missing for 90 minutes.  Fortunately the children were soon found before the team were deployed.

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