Cothelstone Hill, Somerset

The team joined Police Support Units on the Quantock Hills in a search for a 67 year old male.  He had been missing from home since Monday and had been spotted by Rangers on the Quantock Hills.  

However as units were being deployed, a further sighting was reported by a Policeman of the Gentleman on the A38 near the Devon Border.  

Police enquires continued whilst the search on the Quantocks was suspended.

Newton Tracey, Devon

The team were asked to assist in a search for a missing despondent 51 year old man.  The search area centred on his rural home.  

Searches for him or his car in the local area (including places he had previously been found) were unsuccessful, so the search was scaled down at 6.00am.  The following morning Police found his car three fields away from the nearest road.  

The team were put on “stand-by” to recommence the search, however a Police Dog soon found missing person.

Quantock Hills, Somerset (continued)

 The search from the previous night was resumed.  Substantial resources including Exmoor Search and Rescue Team, Police Support group and the Avon and Somerset Search and Rescue Team were to be deployed.  Before most arrived, our Search and Rescue dogs Storm and Rusty searched an area of woodland close to the parked car.

They found the missing lady, who was able to walk back to the road.

Quantock Hills, Somerset

The team searched until 2.30am for a 26 year old despondent female.  Police had found the missing persons car parked on the Quantock Hills at 19.42hrs.  Large areas of open land and tracks in the woodland were searched. 


It was decided to carry out more searches in daylight the following morning.

Hunters Inn, Devon

A 26 year old male with learning difficulties was last seen on the 14th October, when leaving Hunters Inn to walk back to Lynton. 

The RAF Search & Rescue Helicopter located the missing person on Woody Bay beach just as the first team members arrived.

Brendon Two Gates, Exmoor, Somerset

A group of four girls on a Bronze Duke of Edinburgh's Award Expedition reported that one of their party was ill, darkness was falling and they did not know their exact location.  The weather had been wet all weekend. 

The Police helicopter located the group around a mile east of the road on Lannacombe Hill. The team administered First Aid to one of the girls, who was then evacuated with the help of the Devon and Somerset Fire & Rescue Service by stretcher and taken to hospital.  The other three girls were escorted off the moor.

Further details regarding this rescue are available at the following:

Porlock, Somerset

A 25 year old male, staying with his parents on a campsite, required medication at 21.00hrs but had not been seen since 17.30hrs.  Circumstances and medical concerns led to a major search, involving Police helicopter, Search Dogs, Coastguard as well as the Exmoor Search and Rescue Team. 

The missing person was found safe and well on a road a short distance from the campsite.

Over Stowey, Somerset

There was concern for a 42 year old male missing from his home.  The team were tasked to search an area near Crowcombe Railway Station, someway from the missing person’s home.  It was believed he may have harmed himself. 


The missing person had in actual fact returned home and was found in his garden shed at 05.15hrs.

Crowcombe Park Gate, Crowcombe, Somerset

The team were asked for assistance by South Western Ambulance to evacuate a 14 year old Duke of Edinburgh's Award participant from the Quantock Hills.  He had likely been suffering from over exertion in the heat. 


Although the casualty was some way from the nearest road, he was easily evacuated in the team Land Rover.

Appledore, Devon

High profile searches by Police, Helicopters and Coastguard had failed to find a missing 61 year old male.

The team were called to make thorough searches of open areas, however the missing person was found before ESRT arrived at the location.

Landacre Bridge, Withypool, Somerset

The team were alerted via mobile telephone of a missing 67 year old female walker. The lady was soon located.

Tarr Steps, Somerset

The team were contacted to look for two missing female walkers. Staying at a nearby Bed and Breakfast, they left from the Tarr Farm Inn at Tarr Steps after a meal.  However they got lost and phoned the Police for assistance.


The Bed and Breakfast owner and local farmer found the ladies safe and well.

Rockford, Lynmouth, Devon

Given the time and age, 80, of a missing male fisherman whose untended gear had been found, the team were called to search the deep wooded river valleys near Watersmeet.


The missing person was located shortly after the call.

High Bullen, Torrington, Devon

After a road traffic collision, the team were tasked to search for a 56 year old lady who had walked away from the scene in a distressed state and possibly suffering from a medical condition. 

Despite searching nearby fields in darkness until 02.40hrs the lady was not found.  Police continued their enquiries.

Black Barrow, Exmoor, Somerset

Whilst supporting the Exmoor National Park Authority's "Exmoor Perambulation" challenge walk, the team assisted a gentleman suffering from Asthma.  He was escorted to the next checkpoint.

Atlantic Village, Bideford, Devon

The Team were called out mid afternoon to search for a missing 19 year old male. He had sustained a head injury in a road accident the previous evening and police were particularly concerned for his welfare, considering the wet weather. However he was found just as the first team members started to arrive.

South Molton, Devon

An early morning call was received from the Devon and Cornwall Police to ask the team to search for a 23 year old male despondent, missing since the previous day.  He had left a suicide note. 

The team were helped by an RAF Sea King helicopter, however the body of the missing person was found by a search party in a small area of woodland at 14.15hrs.

Dulverton, Somerset (continued)

Recommencement of the previous nights’ search started at 11.00am, allowing some team members only a few hours sleep, due to travelling distances.

All areas that were searched in darkness were searched again along with new areas.  ESRT were helped by a SARDA Dog and colleagues from Dartmoor Rescue Group.

The lady was found by a search party at 15.35hrs; she had not survived the inclement weather conditions.

Dulverton, Somerset

The team were called to search for a 75 year old Female. The lady, who had Dementia, had last been seen at home at 15.30hrs, with a possible sighting in nearby fields soon after.  Sixteen team members searched until suspension at 1.30am.  It was decided to recommence the next day with rested and additional resources.

Frithelstockstone, Torrington, Devon

A car that Police were seeking was located parked in a rural woodland location.

The car contained many empty packets of Pills and Drugs.  The initial concern was for the welfare of the person who had left the car.  The team started a search of the area, however search parties were recalled after locals reported seeing the "agitated and mobile" missing person.  The search then become inappropriate for the Exmoor Search and Rescue Team and Police continued the hunt with help from the RAF helicopter from Chivenor.

Bideford, Devon

A major search involving ESRT, Police Dogs, RAF Search and Rescue helicopter and the coastguard was launched to search for a 9 year old boy. He had, for no apparent reason, not returned home from school. The search urgency was increased as he was reported to be partially deaf and partially blind. He was found safe and well and the Team were stood down at 19.00hrs.

Halberton, Devon

The team were called out at 05.35hrs following a report of a 22 year old male missing from home in Halberton, near Tiverton.  The first search team was deployed and was actively searching the canal tow path within an hour of the initial call out.  The police located the missing person safe and well near the canal just as other search teams were being deployed.

Minehead, Somerset

Two separate incidents resulted in the Team being called to search an area of woodland near Minehead. On the Thursday evening at 20.10hrs a specific call for help had been heard coming from the woods. Police enquiries found nothing. However on Friday morning a 42 year old male was reported missing, he had last been seen on Wednesday. Whilst the team were searching the woods the missing person was located in Minehead. The search was completed in order to investigate the reported call for help.

Northam, Bideford, Devon

The team were asked to assist in the search for an 84 year old lady, who had last been seen at 23.30hrs wearing bed clothes and slippers.

The lady was found by Coastguards some distance from her home.

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