Oare, Devon

At the same time as the previous incident was unfolding, the Team were alerted regarding two missing walkers by a Hotelier in Exford.  The walkers had rung their Hotel to say they were lost. Mobile telephone communication with them was then lost.  Whilst the team dealt with the previous incident, the Police made enquires, after which the Team were re-deployed to this incident. 

The couple were found shaken but otherwise well by a farmer.  Team members then escorted the couple back to their Hotel.

East-the-water, Bideford, Devon

A 79 year old lady suffering from Alzheimer's and requiring medication at 18.00hrs was reported missing from her Nursing Home.  ESRT search parties were searching areas close to the home, when the Police helicopter picked up a heat source nearby.  This was the missing lady, she was taken to hospital, cold but otherwise well.

Barnstaple, Devon

A 35 year old lady with mental health problems had discharged herself from Hospital.  It was known she had purchased a quantity of petrol.  The team were tasked to search a local park where the Police Helicopter had indicated the lady may be located.  However a  further sighting was made elsewhere which enabled the Police to negotiate a lighter away from the lady, and she was removed to a place of safety.

Saunton Sands, Braunton, Devon

The call out came at one o'clock in the morning to assist in the search for a missing despondent, the team were stood down within an hour of the call out.  The lady had left her car with a note at the Saunton Sands car park. The lady was found in a cave prior to the Teams deployment.

Enmore, Somerset

A tent with signs of recent occupation had been reported to Police on private land. Circumstances led the Police to be concerned for the welfare of the occupant.  The team were alerted, but stood down pending further enquiries.

Appledore, Devon

The team were put on stand-by as an 83 year old lady had gone missing in Appledore at 12.45hrs.  The lady was located before the team were called out.

Barnstaple, Devon

An 89 year old male had gone missing from the family car whilst they were in Tesco's.  He was found by Police, before the teams arrival, in a drainage ditch a little way from the supermarket.

Winsford, Somerset

A 42 year old male had reportedly left his wife and Hotel at 8.00am in order to find a mobile telephone signal.  When he had not returned at 11.00am his wife called the Police.

As well as the team, Police Dogs, Police Support group and Police Helicopter were called to help in the search. Information received at 16.00hrs indicated that the missing person was on a train to London.

Chelfham, Devon

An elderly lady suffering from dementia went missing from a Nursing home around 9.30am. The lady was found some miles away in a shop.

Western-Super-Mare, North Somerset

Exmoor Search and Rescue Team provided personnel to Avon and Somerset Search and Rescue Team, in a search for a 63 year old male despondent.  Searches of the local area continued until dusk with no positive result. 

The missing person was admitted to hospital at 3.00am the following day. 

Earlier in the day the team had been put on "stand by" to search for a missing person suffering from Alzheimer's in Bridgwater, but this person was found before the team were deployed.

Holford, Somerset

The team were requested by the Police, to help recover a person who had suffered a fatal heart attack on the Quantock Hills.  The team and local Fire Brigade carried the body to a location where it could be transported by Land Rover.

Selworthy, Somerset

An 84 year old male, with medical conditions had gone missing from the car park in Selworthy at 16.15hrs.  The Police alerted the team immediately upon being called.

As the search of the surrounding area was commencing, the missing person was found safe and well, when he entered a local Public House to ask the way.

Woolfardisworthy, Devon (continued)

The team were asked to continue the search for the missing 47 year old man.  Two search dogs were deployed to cover the area, when this was complete, team members made daylight searches of the areas previously searched in darkness as well as further areas. These searches were suspended at 21.30hrs.

Pitcombe Head, Portlock, Somerset

Whilst members were making there way to the call out in North Devon, the team were asked to assist the Ambulance service with the evacuation of a young person with a leg injury and the rest of his party, from an isolated path, many miles in the opposite direction near Porlock. The team Land Rover and sufficient resources were diverted to this location.

After this was resolved the resources continued to the call out in North Devon.

Woolfardisworthy, Devon

Arriving after dark the team made searches of tracks and paths in a conifer plantation, following the discovery, parked near the edge of the wood of a missing person’s car.  The team searched, aided by one search dog into the early hours.

Tiverton, Devon

A 15 year old boy had last been seen on his inflatable dinghy playing on the River in Tiverton.  The alarm was raised when he was not been seen for several hours.

As the team were mobilising the missing person was located many miles downstream near Exeter.

Simonsbath, Somerset

The Police requested help in the search for two 16 year old girls, separated from a larger party in the Simonsbath area of Exmoor.  The girls returned safe and well before the search commenced.

Bishops Tawton, Devon

The team were joined by 5 SARDA handlers and Dogs, in the search for 3 children, aged 12, 10 and 9.  They had gone missing after a game of hide and seek.

Despite only wearing jeans and T shirts, and some very wet weather, they were found well, stuck in dense vegetation by a combination of search parties at 5.30am.

County Gate, Devon

The team were alerted when the Ambulance service requested help locating and recovering a 66 year old lady.  The lady had a lower leg injury and had telephoned for help using a mobile telephone.

The lady was located when the her partner returned to the main road, the land owners Land Rover was used to recover the lady to the ambulance.

Taunton, Somerset

An 80 year old male, who suffers from Dementia, went missing during a supermarket shopping trip with his wife.  He was seen leaving the supermarket by CCTV at 13.30hrs.

He was found 2kms away at 20.00hrs.

Umberleigh, Devon

The Police were informed of a missing Fisherman at around 11pm, after local searches had proved unsuccessful.  The 71 year old man had been last seen at lunchtime.

Members of the team found the missing person at 02.23hrs; there were no signs of life.  After attendance by the Police and Paramedic, the team removed the body to the main road.

Combe Martin, Devon

Initially called out whilst team members were making their way to Dunkery Beacon for a training exercise, members were redirected to Combe Martin to search for a 47 year old female despondent.  The lady was found a few hours into the search, hiding in gorse near the beach by HM Coastguard.

South Molton, Devon

A 10 year old boy had gone missing from his parent’s farm at 14.30hrs.  Exmoor Search and Rescue were called out as darkness fell and the weather deteriorated.  He was found in the nearby village.

Hartland, Devon

The team were tasked to assist Police and Coastguards in a search for a 19 year old male.  The missing person was located through Police investigations.

Ilfracombe, Devon

The team searched areas around Ilfracombe for a male despondent.  He was found safe at a well known hilltop view point.

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