Emergency Actions

In an emergency, dial 999 and ask for the Police.

The following advice is provided to anyone who is unlucky enough to find themselves, or others, in an emergency situation in a remote location far from home.


Personal safety always comes first.

First Aid
Treat any injuries as best you are able.

Get out of the elements using a tent or emergency shelter.  Keep out of the wind.

Keep warm, insulate your body from the ground and wear any spare clothing available.

Check your current location and note down the 6 figure grid reference, or any notable landmarks.

Get Help
Call or send a messenger for help.  Do not leave casualties unattended, if possible.

If calling using a mobile phone, ask for the police and state the county you are in. i.e. Devon or Somerset.
To attract attention, use the international distress signal - either 6 blasts of a whistle or 6 flashes of a torch, pausing for a minute before repeating.  Listen & watch for a reply.

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